Factory Direct Sale Ac Three Phase Soundproof Silent Type Generator Automatic 80 Kw 100 Kva Price

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silent type generator

A Silent Type Generator, also known as a quiet generator or soundproof generator, is a type of electrical generator designed to operate with reduced noise levels. Generators, by nature, produce noise as a byproduct of their internal combustion engines or other power generation mechanisms. This noise can be bothersome, especially in residential areas or locations where low noise levels are essential.

Here are some features and considerations commonly associated with Silent Type Generator:
1.Soundproofing Enclosure:
Silent generators typically come enclosed in soundproofing materials, such as insulated panels, to minimize the noise produced during operation. The enclosure helps contain and absorb the sound generated by the engine and other moving parts.
2.Low Noise Design:
These generators are specifically designed to produce lower noise levels compared to standard generators. The design may include features like mufflers and noise reduction technologies to achieve quieter operation.
3.Inverter Technology:
Some silent generators use inverter technology, which helps regulate the electrical output and can contribute to quieter operation.
4.Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR):
AVR technology helps stabilize the output voltage, providing a consistent and clean power supply while minimizing fluctuations and noise.
Silent generators are commonly used in situations where noise pollution needs to be minimized, such as residential areas, outdoor events, and camping sites.
Product number HL250GFS HL350GFS
Group by product type Silent Silent
Warranty period 1 year or 1000 running hours 1 year or 1000 running hours
Certified CE and ISO CE and ISO
Model HL250GF HL350GFS
Rated voltage 400V/230V 400V/230V
Rated current 450A 630A
Rotating speed 1500RMP 1500RMP
Frequency 50HZ 50HZ
Weight 4000kg 5800kg
Phase 3 3
Reference weight(Kg) 4000kg 5800kg
Reference size (L × W × H) 4000*1510*2300(mm) 5180*2150*2620mm
Engine model NTA855-G1B 6ZTAA13-G2
Engine related power (kw) 284 390
Engine standby power (kw) 321 415
Engine structural features Four-stroke, turbocharged Four-stroke, turbocharged
Cylinders / arrangement 6 cylinders/In-line 6 cylinders/In-line
Bore × stroke(mm)  1140×1524 130×163
Displacement(L) 14 13