30m Spray Cannon|30m Fog Cannon

  • 30m Spray Cannon
  • 30m Spray Cannon
  • 30m Spray Cannon

30m Spray Cannon

Fog particle is smaller but concentrated,Wind is stronger while noise is lower.Stainless steel material, more exquisite appearance.

30m dust sprayer TDM-M03 has strong wind and a long range.

The working principle of the sprayer is to use a high-pressure water pump to supply water. The water is sent to the sprinkler head of the sprayer through the water pipe. The pressure generated by the water pump generates a large particle fog through the specially designed sprinkler head. Then the fan is driven by a high-speed motor to produce a high-speed flow of air, and the water mist is sent out. Then the Bernoulli principle is used at the outlet, that is, in the same fluid, the flow rate is large, the pressure is small; Flow rate is small, pressure is strong. The larger particles of water mist through the high-speed air flow, further tear into smaller and lighter water mist, and transport out.

Due to the small particles of water mist, it can quickly contact and adsorb the dust and blowing dust, forming a moist mist, which can quickly suppress the dust and sink. It can completely inhibit the dust below 200 microns and achieve the purpose of reducing dust and removing haze.
Spray Cannon
Spray Cannon
TDM-M03 Spray range 30m
Total power 8.2kw
Water consumption 3.2m³/h
L*W*H 1555*1098*1699mm
Weight 540kg
Control Method Electric control (no PLC)
IP Grade IP55
Noise Level 70dB at 7.5m
Turning degree Left:180/Right:180
Pitching degree Up:50/Down:-10
Diameter of water mist particle 20-150µm
Fan power 5.5kw
Water pump power 2.2kw
Water pump pressure 1-1.5Mpa
Usage temperature(℃) 0-50
Power supply AC/3-phase/380V/50HZ
Nozzles quantity 39pcs
Generator set 10KW