Excellent, high reliability 600kW and 350kva Weichai Generator Set

We will highlight the 600kW and 350kVA Weichai Generator Set and explore their key features and benefits.

600kw Weichai Generator Set

600kw Weichai Generator Set is a high performance power generation equipment, its main features include:

High performance: Powered by Vios and Baojun G-Drive series engines, providing excellent performance and high reliability.
High standard: All Vios generator sets are equipped with a base fuel tank, and a highly standardized production line guarantees consistent quality standards.

350kva Weichai Generator Set

The 350kva Weichai Generator Set is a complete generator set powered by the Vios WP10 series diesel engine. Its main features include:

High performance: The Vios WP10 series diesel engine, equipped with a 50-degree aluminum radiator, is matched to the Vios generator and controlled by the Deepsea 6120 intelligent generator set controller.

High reliability: The use of forged steel camshafts and crankshafts, high-strength cylinder design, many parts cast on the cylinder, with high stiffness, high pressure resistance, good reliability and longer service life.

Whether it is 600kW or 350kVA Weichai Generator Set, excellent performance, efficient energy use and excellent reliability have won widespread praise from users. These two generator sets are the star products of the Vios generator set series, whether in the industrial, commercial or residential fields, can meet the needs of a variety of application scenarios.
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