In which industries are diesel generator sets commonly used?

In which industries are diesel generator sets commonly used?

As a kind of power supply equipment, diesel generator sets is widely used. When the mains fails to power off, the generator set can be started to supplement the power supply, reducing the losses caused by power failure in all walks of life. At present, diesel generator sets are mainly used in the following industries:

1. Data center

For the data center, the power failure will lead to data damage, information loss, resulting in incalculable losses, so the power failure is to be resolutely eliminated. Diesel generators provide an emergency power supply to ensure the continuous operation of the data center.

2. Mine development

The daily lighting and common operating equipment electricity for open-pit mining, field operations, etc., because most mining sites have no power grid, they must rely on generator sets to supply power, which can choose fixed generator sets or mobile generator sets.

3, enterprise factory

After the mains supply was interrupted, office equipment and workshop machines stopped running, causing delays in orders and affecting delivery. The standby generator set starts, continues to output power, maintains the normal operation of the workshop equipment, and avoids the loss of the enterprise due to insufficient power supply.

4. Health care

Once the power outage, medical equipment can not work, the life of the patient is threatened, the use of the hospital emergency generator set is more important to maintain the efficient operation of medical tools.

5. Real Estate

When the mains power supply is not available, the normal power supply of the fire pump can only rely on the emergency diesel generator. Now the real estate development high-rise, high-rise must be equipped with elevators, and the elevator power protection also relies on emergency diesel generators.

6. Hotel catering

In order to ensure the electricity safety of the hotel catering industry, it is more common to equip the generator set as a backup power supply, in case there is still enough power supply in an emergency to maintain normal business order.