Main contents of generator set maintenance

Main contents of generator set maintenance

After 50 hours of operation of the new generator set, the total loss system oil and total loss system oil filter must be replaced.


The maintenance of the generator set is generally divided into A, B, C, D and seasonal maintenance, and all levels are calculated according to the running time or time span respectively:


Class A maintenance


Level A is a monthly or pre-run inspection:


1) Check the amount of fuel in the fuel tank; 2) Check the oil amount of lubricating oil; 3) Check the level of the coolant;


4) Check whether the belt is loose; 5) See whether the diesel engine leakage; 6) Check whether the indicator is normal;


7) Check the battery voltage and capacity.


Class B maintenance


Class B maintenance for 200-400 hours or 12 month intervals:


1) Repeat Class A maintenance; 2) Replace the diesel engine total loss system oil;


3) Replace the filter: including the total loss system oil filter, fuel filter and water filter;


4) Release the water and sediment in the oil-water separator; 5) Check the terminal of the alternator;


6) Clean up the dust and other foreign objects in the alternator, control panel and distribution cabinet; 7) Check the control system of the unit.


Class C maintenance


Class C maintenance with a running time of about 1500 hours or a 24-month interval:


1) Repeat grade A and B checks; 2) Check the injection time; 3) Check the valve clearance;


4) Check the wear condition of the fan, water pump and charging generator transmission belt;


5) Check and clean the cooling system and replace the coolant.


Class D maintenance


Class D maintenance with 4000 hours of operation or 36 month intervals:


1) Repeat level A, B and C checks; 2) Clean and calibrate the nozzle and fuel pump; 3) Check, repair or replace the supercharger assembly;


4) Check, repair or replace the pump assembly; 5) Fill the alternator bearing with lubricating oil.



Seasonal maintenance


In winter, where the room temperature is below 0 ° C, the cooling system needs to be filled with antifreeze.